Corporate Goals

  1. Develop and expand the country's human settlement sector through provision of affordable housing of high quality.

  2. Provide diverse housing products that meet various needs of people in the country.

  3. Expand and diversify the Corporation's income base


A leading corporation in land development solutions for sustainable human settlements, committed to effectively and efficiently provide high quality housing satisfying diverse needs of the people of Lesotho.


To improve the quality of human settlements in Lesotho through provision of serviced land, affordable housing and rental accommodation.

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Developments and property owned by the Corporation

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Lesotho Housing and Land Development Corporation Headquarters, Constitution Rd, Maseru 100.

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Leseli flats: Situated in Hills View, Double story rental flats with three bedrooms, spacious enough to accommodate large sized families with backyards and separate car parking

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Kuena flats: Two bedroomed housing, Ideal for medium sized families, situated right in the heart of town. Carports available

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Letsie flats: Bachelors flats, Ideal for newly married couples and single occupants, available in one bedroom. Large garden with lawn in the backyard and paving in front and a carport available